Saturday, March 21, 2015

The mysterious levitating stone of Shivapur

Front side of Dargah

The quest for untold and unusual places had brought us to a small village near Pune. The village called Shivapur is known for an unusual Dargah of a 15th century saint named Qamar ali darvesh.

Someone from the twitter world had shared an image about the place and from there only I came to know about the story behind it. Till then, I was not aware about this fascinating story. So, Shivapur has a Dargah of a saint named Qamar ali darvesh and apart from that Dargah it has a large stone in its complex. The story goes like this that whenever eleven people will try to lift the stone by their index finger shouting the name of Qamar ali darvesh. They would be able to lift the stone above their head and if there are more or less people trying the same thing they won’t be able to lift it up.
A man trying to lift it all alone

I don’t believe in these kinds of stories and decided to check that out. We reached Shivapur and easily found the Dargah. There were a lot of pilgrims who had come to take the blessings of the saint. An elderly person seated in the courtyard told us that long ago, there was an evil kind of person who used to trouble villagers a lot. Villagers asked Baba’s help and he turned that evil into a stone. He told his followers they will play with this stone from then onwards. They can raise it and flump it on the ground. When eleven of his followers will use their finger together and shout his name they will be able to raise the stone above their head. Even if they don’t shout his name or there are more or less people trying the same thing, they won’t succeed.

I tried raising it all alone, but was able to raise it more than a few inches. The stone must be around more than 100 kgs. But when eleven of us tried to raise it just by our index fingers. It got raised above our head and it seemed it was levitating. There was not much force applied by us. It was kind of a unique experience for me.

I am not sure the science behind this story but it forced me to think unexplainable and the fact that India is filled with these kinds of stories, it is just that we need to find them out.

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  1. How interesting!! Islam in India is so diverse, and there is so much that we simply don't see in our everyday practice in other countries. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. yes, Indian Islam is blend of all cultures of country. That's what makes it unique