Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Souvenir of Hadi Rani

a Rajput warrior with his horse

As a part of rural tourism in Rajasthan, I had visited few villages in Salumbar region of Udaipur. After travelling to few villages of Bheel community, I was waiting for Rajasthan State Road transport bus when it started to rain. Due to the heavy Rain, I was totally drenched and therefore decided to ask for shelter from one of the villagers.

I reached the doorstep of the closest house and knocked the door. An elderly person, maybe in eighties opened the door and asked me to get comfortable. When I told him I am traveling all of Rajasthan and collecting stories about the rich culture of the state. He told me there is a story which not many know, but is an incredible part of the heritage of Rajasthan. It is one of the greatest stories of courage and duty. I urged him to tell me the story and he gently agreed. A kid had brought tea from inside and we took our cup and on the sip of tea, he started telling the story:

This story is about a princess, popularly called as Hadi Rani in Rajasthan. She was a Rajput princess married to Ravat Chudawat from Mewar region.  With her came happiness into the region .Ravat loved her wife a lot, but destiny had some other plan for them. Only a week had passed since their marriage when Ravat got a message from King of Mewar that Aurangzeb has attacked their kingdom and he would need his help in the war. Ravat was very furious and didn’t want to go to war front leaving his beloved wife.

Seeing affection of his husband, Hadi Rani tried very hard to convince him to go to war as it is his Dharma being a Rajput to fight for his motherland. After much perceptiveness, Ravat agreed to go to war to help king of Mewar.

When Ravat was leaving for War, his affection towards his newly wedded bride stopped him at the gate of the Rani’s palace. He told a servant to go and tell Rani in her palace that he would not be 
leaving his wife alone and would not be going to the battle field.

The Servant went inside and came with a platter covered with a piece of cloth. He was told it is a gift from Rani for his husband. Ravat removed the cloth and was stunned seeing his wife head lying on the platter.

Rani had cut her head and presented it to his husband as it was her love which was stopping Ravat from fulfilling his Dharma. Seeing this sacrifice from her love, Ravat vowed to fight till his last breath. It is said he fought bravely in the battle and became a martyr in the war.

With these words he finished his story. I was stunned by the tale of Hadi Rani and my interests got more deepen about the rich heritage of Rajasthan.

Till then the rain had also stopped and I took farewell from my host. I was boarding the bus, but the story of Hadi Rani was again and again haunting me and I thought to share her tale with the rest of the world.

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