Monday, February 16, 2015

Going the Hippies Way

The sun had embraced the sky and their blend had turned it into red. The Water in the sea had increased its association with the shores at the time we reached Arambol,  a village which is a Hippies Haven in Goa.

In Eighties, Anjuna was used to be most preferred location for the Hippies. This was the case when Goa had not turned into present Touristic and crowded Goa. People from all over the world used to come for an affordable and peaceful holiday. But as local crowd increased its presence, either the hippies from Anjuna moved to a different place or they made it their permanent home.

I came to know about Arambol from a fellow traveler who had lived in goa for 6 months and advised me to must visit Arambol for authentic goan feel.

At first sight, it seems a quiet and peaceful beach where not much crowd comes but as sun starts to go down the horizon, you realize why it is that the hippies have made it their new home. The ambience turned it into such an exciting and unique place where everyone was doing their own stuff but then also they all seem connected.

As we walked towards left side of the beach, it seemed an all together different place. There was a bunch of people practicing Yoga and meditation. Many beach huts have been developed in couple of years where people from all over the world come to learn Yoga.

Going further there was a group of hippies practicing different kinds of Aerobatics while there were some dancing and singing on the beats of drum. To our surprise all those people gathered and formed a small market. It was unique in a way because they were not selling traditional tourist stuffs but some unique things from across the globe. We tried some of the awesome cupcakes.

This went on till late night, we danced, we sang and forgot all our tensions and worries. I think that’s the feeling of being a Hippy. We wondered how Arambol was kept hidden from us and should be kept hidden to preserve the essence of true goa.

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  1. This looks like a pleasant, calmer alternative to the standard hyperactive Goa experience - lovely!