Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Nowadays, hockey world cup is being going on.I find the performance of INDIA not that bad as it would have been.What would have been for supposed for a country which is only playing world cup because they are the host nations.It means INDIA was not fit even to qualify for playing in the world cup.
I often think that for a country like India, where hockey is our national game, how this type of 3rd class performance is possible.But when i think about it,it seems that the condition can even be more critical.
I feel really ashamed of myself, that being an Indian in my school or anywhere else.I haven't played hockey in my entire life.This case is not only mine.But of millions of other indians who have not played hockey in their entire life. Then a question arise why??.Why india has such a condition in hockey. I find only answer to this problem is that hockey has been finished from ground level. If a child will not play it from his childhood.then,how a talent can be recognized.So, it's clear that if a handful of people in india will play hockey .Then, world class players who can perform in international matches will not be produced. This all thing is possible only in india ,who is Six times Gold medalist in hockey and produced the legends like Dhyan chand.
The condition of India in International hockey is owned only by the federation of hockey, which is simply doing nothing from decades and letting hockey from india fall and fall. India is not having many astro turf grounds on which the international hockey is played.Now also in india 90% grounds are grass ones. So,if a player is doing practice in grass.then,how he can perform directly in international matches.
India has produced some marvelous players like Roop chand,Mohd. shahid,Dhanraj pillay and many more who have made india proud in various occasions.So, it is also not the case that india don't have good players.But,they can perform only when the country supports them.India has a heart which resides i hockey,only there is a need to create a buzz that the upcoming generation may not think that hockey is dead in india.
One more thing which i noticed that 2 days before india and pakistan match, there was no news about hockey world cup,which is the most prestigious award championship in hockey.It shows that how irresponsible our indian mediai is because if Dhoni buys a new dog,then that's a breaking news.But World cup hockey is even not in headlines.
The 3rd grade players of indian cricket team like Ravindra jadeja, virat kohli, etc. are popular "n" number of times than present time india's best players Prabhojot singh and Deepak thakur.
It's my request to all of you ,please support hockey.Not because our condition in hockey is critical,where we had even not qualified for 2008 beijing olympics( which happened after 60 years) and even not because we are 12th in the world ( believe me it will continue to fall untill phoenix of hockey do not rise).But because, it is our National game.Otherwise,hockey has to removed from our national game.
Please wake up,that this situation may not rise that we have to say


  1. it's my first blog.please tell how it is and how i can improve.hopefully, in future i will try to improve myself.

  2. nice try yaar :) especially dat line that hockey is our national game n still we havnt played it in our entire life lol :(

    I have seen hockey only during fighting(gang):P

  3. @shishir..yeah...hockey stick is used more in fights than in grounds..strange but that's bitter reality

  4. gud start dude..i thmk d need of d moment is 2 start taking some concrete steps in dis regard..keep up d gud work.