Saturday, March 1, 2014

The siege within - Parliament

A few years ago, giving a bribe for applying a passport was not a big deal. Similarly, getting an information from government office was close to impossible. But time changed and these are a lot easier in today’s time as compared to previous times. Nowadays, there is also such a thing like hooligans will get elected into the parliament and disturb the working of it. We have tended to believe it and think nothing can be done for it.
Parliament which is also termed as a temple of democracy is not as holy as it used to be a few years ago. 15th Lok Sabha has passed around 165 bills in the parliament while first Lok Sabha had passed more than 500 bills. Most of the time parliament proceedings were disturbed either by government bills or either by MPs of the opposition party. Every minute of Lok Sabha running’s cost Rs 2.5 lakhs while every hour costs 1.5 crores. This money is being collected by us, the common people who give taxes to the government. But our selected representatives do not think in this manner and their actions force to adjourn the parliament now and then.

Every Company has a HR team then why our Parliament has no such facility in which MPs are trained some basic Human Resource manners. It is true the standard of our leaders have gone down. It may be because now politicians enter politics not to work for the country but for their own sake. In Kanpur, a few years ago, people got so disappointed by the Counselor of their area that they threw him in the Garbage bin. We don’t encourage that People should start taking direct action on our Leaders as it would not be good for the democracy. But we have to remember this thing we have to send only good people in the parliament. Otherwise, our Country will go to dogs and nothing could be done regarding it.
On 15th August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru had given a speech in the Parliament which had his dream that how our country will change in future days. He said “Freedom and power bring responsibility. The responsibility rests upon this assembly, a sovereign body representing the sovereign people of India. As long as there are tears and suffering, so long our work will not be over.” But in the last few years we have seen examples which are totally different from his vision. 13th February 2014 will always be remembered as the black day for Indian Parliament when one MP from Andhra L Rajgopal used Pepper spray on his fellow MPs while another one Venugopal had brought a Knife into the parliament.

For their Protest they are doing various types of things, someone pulls of his shirt and raise slogans like it happened in UP assembly while someone like Rajneeti Prasad who was so disturbed from Lokpal bill that he torn the bill in the parliament and thrown it. Due to him only, the Lokpal bill was hanging in the Rajya Sabha for over a year. The bill of Telangana was the biggest example of how they can lower their standards. Protests for a bill is valid and should take place as it would bring Pros and Cons in the Parliament but adjourning the Parliament due to this is not a sign for healthy democracy.
Our leader’s standard has gone so low that even a hawker or a Milkman will not do these kind of actions if he is sent to Parliament. In 1989, during a protest a DMK MLA pulled Jayalalita saree in the assembly. He didn’t think twice before pulling a saree of a woman. Similarly two BJP MLAs from Goa where caught watching Pornography in the assembly. Assembly was going on and they were enjoying it sitting there. In Delhi assembly when Arvind Kejriwal was trying to bring Jan lokpal bill, one of BJP MLA placed bangles and lipstick on Somnath Bharti’s seat while other Congress MLA wrenched the Mic when Arvind was trying to say anything. Other legislators followed and continued vandalism in the house. This shows how low our Country Politics have gone. Our representatives whom we choose after this rigorous process of elections don’t think while doing all these things. Any kind of Vandalism is justified on their part while a common man if does these kind of things will be penalized.
This is happening because they don’t fear from the rules and regulations. Why not a security check takes place for them before entering the Parliament. After the Telangana protest in parliament, Venugopal and Rajgopal were given just 5 days suspension. Why not they be jailed and not allowed to fight elections ever. Till when the parties will keep protecting these kind of politicians.

It is high time we should stop sending them to Parliament and encourage good people to fight elections and vote for them. Otherwise, a day is not far when they will be beating each other. Let’s not make our Country’s image as this in the global stage.

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