Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nomad for Peace

I was preparing for an interview on a weekend and there are few questions which a person needs to prepare for an interview. One such question is “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now”. As an IT professional, I should see myself as a Manager or so but I was not feeling that way from inside.
It is because my life is quite unstable for the last few days.  I am not sure what I am doing with my life. Where I am heading towards in my life. Really, I don’t want to see myself in an IT sector after half a decade. But the main question is if not here, then where?

This job has given me everything, a stable career, a decent pay slip and above all satisfied parents. I remembered around four years ago, I was a newly graduate from my college without a job in my hand. The time was such I was ready to work for anything. So, I got a contract job which was paying me nuts. I was working for around 14 hours a day. I was literally frustrated with my job but there was nothing I could do about it. Then, I got an opportunity when I was selected for a MNC. After that, my life was quite stable. But, I never loved my Job. It was just a medium for my bread and butter. I was like that prostitute who don’t loves her job but do it just for her earning. Slowly time passed, I got promoted, got new responsibilities but it never fascinated me.

I was always a mediocre from my school days. I was never a topper in my class. Same is my condition in my office. Hundreds of hours of travel which I have done traveling from Office to home has answered lots of my questions. This was the only time which I got to spend with myself and I realized the real me was getting lost in this Corporate world.

I decided to do those things which fascinates me. Doing those things excites me and I can find that inner peace which I am searching and not able to find anywhere.
Since then, I have tried my hand in many fields, from opening a company of Electrical contracts to running a Cab agency. From Volunteering for a political party to online freelancing. These all made me Monetary stable but emotionally I am still in search of something. I am not sure what this something is. But, I will still search for it.

I just want to attain that Inner peace which all great persons talk about. Please pray to your God that my search don’t continue for long.
Amen !!

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