Sunday, June 15, 2014

A perfect day at Seashore - Tarkarli

I woke up when Sea waves started touching my feet and I was fully drenched in Ocean water. I realized I was lying on the beach after the Morning walk on the white sand beach of this Village called Tarkarli. I looked up and saw both sides on the beach and there was not a single living being visible.
I stood up and started walking towards the water. There was this wet white sand and as a wave arrived, the white sand under my feet moved away from me and forced me to change my position. I tried to hold me tight so that I should not change my position with each coming wave. However it seemed the Sea wanted me to learn that with each wave in your life, wherever you are standing some sand will move away and you need to change your position in life. The morning cool breeze had brought a flock of sea birds on the shore who were trying to find their meal for the day. I walked on the shores of the beach as waves flow started to reduce with each ray of the sun.
Fishermen preparing for their expedition
I must have walked 500 yards on the coastline when I saw a few fisherman preparing for their work. I asked them if I can accompany them on their boat. Raju was a young man in his thirties who was the owner of the boat and only agreed to take me along if I don’t disturb him. I agreed as I had not seen any such thing in my life. He and his men sailed the boat and we were around half a mile in the sea when I saw a hump in the middle of the sea. I was afraid if it was a shark but then only it jumped around five feet above the water level. It was my first experience of watching a live Dolphin. Before I could have recovered my senses of what I have seen, another Dolphin jumped even higher. Then I realized it was not alone but having a group of minimum 20-30 Dolphins who were jumping in the sea. It continued for a while but Raju insisted we continue with our work and not disturb the Dolphins as they only come close to shore in the morning and return to the deep sea as the day rises.
A Perfect dive by the Dolphin

It was noon when we spread our net and waited for a while so that it can catch few fishes. Perhaps Raju trick of spreading worms on net worked and fishes got fooled and got stuck on the net. We caught Pomphret, king fish and Bangda fish. It also caught a few crabs who were unwanted guests and were removed after the net was filtered.

Due to the tides in the sea, small islands had been formed in between the sea. Sea birds had acquired the land. Knowing the fact as the water level will increase as the sun will start to go down and this temporary land will be submerged in the water.

Sun had started to fall when we reached the shore. I was totally amused by the life around the Sea and its people. How these fisherman lives their life. Sea teaches us a lot in life, how to live it on our terms and how to change the waves as we want. The sun was going down and slowly it went below the line which separates Sea and the sky.  I sat on the sand watching the waves kissing the shores and going back to its creator, the sea. It was again coming back and repeating the same. The music waves produce is not less than any Bethovan’s music.  I didn’t realized how much time I saw those waves playing with shores. I sat there feeling that peace which this small village had provided to me and these Concrete jungles have taken it away.

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  1. This sounds like such a lovely escape, not only from the concrete jungles of metropolitan India, but also from the overtouristed (and in my opinion overhyped) beach resorts of Goa. Thanks for sharing!!