Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Malvan - Hidden gem of Maharashtra

Konkan region of the country is blessed with some of the most beautiful and vibrant landscapes. While I was walking on the sandy beaches of Malvan, I realized the area is totally neglected by Tourists. Probably because of its neighbor Goa which snatches away all its tourists. But perhaps that was the only reason I decided to go to this small village in Malvan named “Tarkarli”.

I am taking you on a picturesque journey of the place. I hope you will like it:

1)  Virgin beaches in Arabian Sea which will make you wonder of our Country’s beauty. These Untraveled places are not there on any map but increase our urge to explore the unknown:


2)  There are people who make their living not because of India’s land but because of this massive Sea. So, if you are getting a chance to experience their life, try it because each day in their life has a new adventure.


3) Traveling by a boat and tropical trees on its shores. This backwater ride can be your most memorable ride. Its Beautiful backwaters are only second to Kerala. River “Karli” has mystic beauty which you can only feel by being there:


4) It is not part of any fairy tale but you get a chance to live on a moving house boat, what else you want from life. Kudos to Maharashtra tourism who manage this awesome place.


5) When Sun rises from the Western Ghats and sets in Arabian Sea, it gives a heavenly feeling in itself. You can just feel the Sun moving as waves comes and wash your feet. The cool breeze which blows through your hair and then you realize that it’s the place to be:


6) It’s not like if a place is not having a bright present, it would not be having a glorious past. Malvan has a Fort called SindhuDurg which lies few miles into the sea from its sea shores. People who hate history will also love the fact that hundreds of year ago someone had built it not on any land but miles away from the mainland.


7) If Zindagi na milegi dobara Deep sea diving had amazed you and you want to try it in future. Scuba in Malvan can be your first step in Diving. Without much infrastructure and much equipment’s, locals here make sure you have a wonderful time deep inside the sea.


Please share your feedback on the above post. Let me know if you want to add anything in the list.


  1. That house boat picture is lovely - looks like Kerala!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Buddy, I am gonna sue you for using the copyright protected photographs :D

    --Vj Kumar