Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bun-Muska and chai– A slice of life in Pune

We are so busy and engaged in our daily lives that we are getting drifted from our family and friends. People in yesteryears held a stronger bond with their friends and there are few landmark places in Pune which bears testimony of the life we have left behind
I am talking about the culture of Irani cafes and restaurant which is facing the brunt of modernity and finding it difficult to thrive in this changing times. The slowness and calmness of such cafes are not in sync with the fast and busy world. That’s why a major chunk of this iconic break-fast joints have put down there shutters and only few remain continuing their legacy.
Here is my list of the last remaining four cafes and restaurants so that people can still enjoy the innocence of Bun-Muska and Irani chai over much hyped Starbucks.

·         Café Goodluck

Perhaps, it is Pune’s most iconic Café. Every Punekar including Narayan murthy and Sharad Pawar were regular to the place and it’s not possible for a person to live in Pune and not know about it. You just need to sit there enjoying Irani chai and feel the bond with the place. Even with its shabby infrastructure, it remains one of the favorite spots for Pune denizens.

·         Vohuman Café

It is city’s most famous breakfast joint. It opens at 6 in the morning and if you are coming on a Sunday morning at 6.30, you won’t be able to find a seat. There would be tons of people queuing for a vacant seat. The cheese omlette they serve is the best you can find anywhere in the world. It is said if you need to describe it in one word, it would be “Divine”.

·         Dorabjee

In today’s time, over a century old Parsi restaurant is not even close to its glorious days. There are very few places in our country which serves authentic Parsi food and Dorabjee is the best place to have it in Pune. Their indigenous Sunday special Dhansak is quite famous among the locals.

·         Café Yezdan

Situated in the by lanes of camp, it is a perfect place and its retro look is bound to bowl you over. Be there to enjoy your evening tea in the solitude environment. People in their sixties gather here in evening and chat over a cup of Tea. You can just sit with them and listen their stories of the good old days.