Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hunting the Haunted

No matter who we are and from where we come from, one thing that connects us is an inexplicable fear of the dark because deep inside we all know in the dark lies the mysterious, the unknown, the super natural. Ours is a land where the tales of paranormal floats like water. We wanted to explore the dark and unravel the stories behind the unexplained that whether these tales are real or just legends.

While talking to locals, we came to know about two places in Pune which are believed to be haunted and we tried to know the story behind it. There are many buildings and places of the bygone era which give the city a unique texture but these old places gave birth to legends which some believe are haunted.

Many believe When the city goes to sleep in night, something comes alive. Our first destination was a 1858 hotel called Napier. It is located few yards from the most happening places of the city, M.G.Road. People say after mid night many incidents have been reported of a white lady roaming in the deserted corridor of the Napiers. Caretaker of the place says the white lady is the lady who had committed suicide by jumping from the Hotels window.

Napier was the first 5 star hotel in Poona and many film stars including Raj kapoor and Prithviraj Kapoor were regular of the place. But after 1971 war, the owner shut its doors and since then it is believed the place is haunted. However, the mystic lady has never harmed anyone but her presence is felt by many people. We went their quite late in night but didn’t found evidence of any such spirit but many people told us if you be here for few days, you will definitely see her.

We didn’t have much time, so we headed towards our second destination, Shaniwar Wada. Shanivar Wada is the most iconic building of Pune. It is if you have to represent a city from a building, Pune will for sure be represented by Shaniwar Wada. It is flooded with tourists in day time but in night, it is believed a ghost from Past haunts the place.

Few hundred years ago, When Peshwa Madhavrao died, he was succeeded by his 13 year old son Narayan. But his uncle had some other plans and wanted to take his throne. So, on his orders Narayan was killed in Shaniwar Wada. As his assassins chased him across the fort, the boy yelled “kaka, mala vachava” (Uncle, Save me!!).On every New moon, people can still hear the young Peshwa yelling for help.

We talked to many people who own shops in the area and almost everyone believes the story. As Shaniwar Wada is protected under ASI guidelines, we were not allowed to enter after the midnight. But, the chilling story of Narayan’s killing still roams in the corridor of Shaniwar wada.


  1. You always manage to show me new places in India that I had never heard of - thank you!! :)

  2. Yes..the white lady ghost story is true..u should also explore bhangarh