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5 dishes from Rajasthan which you won't find anywhere else

The relationship between a man and food is inseparable and I believe some food just don’t fulfill your stomach but also your soul. That’s why whenever I get an opportunity to experience new delicacies in my travel experiences, I give no second thought and explore it to the fullest.

Recently, when I was in Rajasthan on a 10 day trip, I got to experience different aspects of the state and its food. I am listing out few of my food discoveries in the state which you can find only in Rajasthan.

1) Lal Maas – It is a Red colored Mutton gravy quite famous in the Rajput community of Rajasthan. It was originated in the Royal Kitchen of Mewar and spread in other parts of Rajasthan.

Best Lal Maas is served at a Restaurant called Ambrai in Udaipur. You can also try Bhangaar Maas in Ambrai. 
      2) Ker Sangri - When you live in desert of Thar and you don't have much of vegetation to support you. People tend to move to options available to them. This is the case with tribes living around Jaisalmer. Ker and Sangri are kind of wild trees grown in that area and so in this way originated a recipe unknown to the outside world.

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      Ker Sangri can be found in various villages around Jaisalmer but I liked it most in Chandan shree restaurant near Hanuman chowk, Jaisalmer.

      3) Kubuli – Marwar is a water deficient place and people have scarcity of water in every field. This water scarcity has led them to consume mostly wheat products as Rice is not grown here. But I discovered a dish called Kubuli which is made from Rice and found mainly in Marwar region. It is quite fascinating to know people have originated a dish from Rice when Rice is not grown in the place.
You can find Kubuli in Pokar Sweets, Nai sadak, Jodhpur.

4) Gulab Jamun ki sabji – Gulab Jamun is an Indian desert but Rajasthan people has given a twist in its taste by making a curry based recipe out of it. I could have never imagined such a thing can exist without actually seeing it.

It is found in various restaurants in Jodhpur. We tried it in Pokar sweets, jodhpur

5) Govind Gatte – Gatte ki  sabzi is found in many parts of India but it was originated in Rajasthan and spread from here only. But again a twist of taste has been provided to it by the locals and it has been made a lot spicier and now, it is better known as Govind Gatte. So, you should not get confused between the two and order the later one for real Rajasthani experience.

Try it in Shandaar sweet home in Jalori bari, Jodhpur

There are many other unknown recipes which are present in different parts of the country which are not known to people outside thet area. Please share if you are aware of any such hidden recipes.

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  1. Really cool discoveries.. I have never heard about these things