Sunday, January 4, 2015

Traveling SOLO - my first experience

Have you ever thought of switching off your mobile and getting lost in the crowd?
Have you ever thought of spending few days in solitude without having a clue what’s happening in your surroundings?

If your answer is yes, then you should once try for a SOLO travel trip.  Solo travel opens up your mind and gives memories for a lifetime. Traveling Solo is a new concept in India . Here, Travelling is often considered as a family reunion and people spend quality time with each other.

I was fascinated by this concept and added it on my 30things to do before 30 list. I had always travelled in a group or with my close friends but few travel bloggers inspired me to travel all alone on a 10 day trip. I decided to unravel Rajasthan and discover each and every aspect of the grand state. The trip was divided into two segments, at first I was travelling Solo for Six days and in next segment I was to be joined by one of my friend.

So, I had experience of both kinds of travel in the same trip. While I was travelling alone, many people whom I met in different cities got excited after hearing that I am traveling Solo. Some raised questions and concerns that you will get bored and will not enjoy your trip to the fullest while many encouraged and liked the idea where one has full freedom of choosing a place to go and reject the things he don’t like. So, one choice doesn’t get deviated by others way of thinking.

My experience says solo traveling is not a way of traveling but a way of living. Whenever anybody’s mood gets bored of the crowded cities and wants desolation for oneself. He should spend some time with himself and introspect his life.  That’s what Solo travel is all about, giving solitary time to your soul.

I will mark first point of my list to be completed. I will continue to travel Solo as well as in a group and will recommend each one of you to atleast travel SOLO once in a lifetime.

Please share your SOLO travel experience with me !!

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  1. I love travelling solo! It's the best way to meet new people and let the amazing experience just wash over you, allow yourself to be enveloped by the magic of a place :)