Thursday, April 30, 2015

11 things to do in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps is the most vibrant and lively place in India. You never feel as if the city is quiet and you are all alone in this maximum city. As a small town guy Mumbai excites me, frightens me, amuse me and guide me in various aspects of life.
I have tried to create a list that what are those 11 things that any new Mumbaikar should do in the city.

1) Heritage Walk in Fort - Fort is one of those areas which was established during the British Era and stores the rich heritage and culture of Bombay. Any new person should definitely take a Heritage walk around the by lanes of the area.

2) Visit Religious places - Mumbai is hub of the Multi cultural cities of India. Bombay has those amazing religious sites which are really hard to miss. Probably because you will need the blessings of the all mighty most in this city than any other. Siddhi Vinayak Temple and Hazi Ali Dargah are most visited places, but you can also see the Zoroastrians Fire temples in the city.
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3) Gastronomic tour of Mohammad Ali Road - Mohammad Ali is considered Chandni Chowk of Bombay. Bohri mohalla along with Mohammad Ali Road was once the hub of the Bombay Underworld, but now it is the Gastronomic epicenter of the city. Noor Mohammadi Hotel and Bara Handi are one of my favourite eating joints of the place.

4) Take a tour of Goregaon Film City -  Goregaon film City is the place where each movie buff will love to visit. As one passes by each Studio, you can feel the Nostalgia about the place and will try to connect each place with the movies you have watched.

5) Feel the power of Theater at Prithvi Theater - Named after the great Prithvi Raj Kapoor, this theater was founded by Shashi Kapoor. It is one of the most iconic place for any theater lovers. Great artists like Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi regularly performs their plays here, and if you are lucky you can get a chance to meet them too.

6) Take a ferry to Elephanta Caves - When their's too much traffic on the road, you an take a ferry ride and visit the ancient, 1500 years old Elephanta Caves which is situated on an island around 10 kms from the Mumbai harbour.

7) Visit your favourite star's house - In a country like India, where Cricketers and Bollywood stars hold the position next to the all mighty one, people are crazy about them and a way to experience that craziness is to visit your favourite star's house. Whether its Mannat for Shahrukh, Jalsa for Amitabh or Galaxy apartments for Salman, crazy fans always queue up outside their houses and if you are extremely lucky, you can meet your favourite stars as well.
Note - Every Sunday evening, Amitabh bachchan greets his fans outside his house Jalsa.

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8) Watch a movie in a heritage cinema hall - Perhaps when you were not born and your parents may be young kids, Bombay had perhaps first and most amazing movie theaters in the country. I know it sounds pretty old age thought, but you need to watch a movie at Regal or Eros to feel that old age charm of Bollywood.

9) Visit last remaining Irani cafes - Bombay is a pioneer to the last remaining Parsi Cafes of this country. Britannia or Kyani are like institutions in the city. Irani chai with Bun-Muska was the signature dish of town. One can not miss coming and visiting these iconic cafes.

10) Watch Sunrise/Sunset on the beach - If you are a morning person then you have to come to any beach of the city. You will find an all together different city in the morning time. It would be the city that is quiet, a city which has less traffic and it is the only time of the day when you can breathe fresh and non-polluted air in town. Similarly, watching Sunset is highly recommended and they are best enjoyed in Chowpatty having amazing street foods.

11) Sit and do nothing at Marine Drive/Band Stand - In a city where everybody is running, there are very few places where you can sit and do nothing. Marine drive and Band Stand are the most hot favourite place for the love birds, but you can also go there all alone and feel the waves coalition with the stones. I guarantee you can spend hours here doing nothing but just watching the love between the sea and the maximum city.

I hope you will enjoy doing these fun things. Also, if you have any cool things to add, do let me know. I will love to try them.

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  1. Sit and do nothing at Marina Drive, and Haji Ali Darbar were my two favourite things in Mumbai!

  2. Great post! I absolutely loved visiting Mumbai last year and I can't wait to go back there again. I went to see a few houses of celebrities with my Mumbaikar friend and I also saw the Elephanta caves, which was a great experience! My Mumbaikar friend also took me to a few religious places, which was really interesting for me as it was very different to England - India is such an amazing country!
    I also really liked the railway station and was surprised at how beautiful it was! (I wrote about it on our blog, you can check it out if you want )
    Great post! Thanks for sharing :)