Saturday, July 12, 2014

30 things to do before 30

It’s time for a confession. With each passing day we all are getting old. I don’t want these days to pass, but no one can help it. There will be new responsibilities in future. We have to face it.
There was a time when I was 14 and life was fun. We used to aim for mangoes on the tree and those stone hurled green mangoes were tastier than these Alphonso’s. When I was 20, there were not many Social media Apps but we friends could sit and talk indefinite from Dusk to Dawn. But these days are over and our lives have changed in last few years. But the child within me is not yet dead. One of my friend told me that he has prepared a list which he needs to do before turning 30. I really liked the Idea and was determined to create one of such list for myself.
I still have Four years and few months before I reach this number 30. So, I decided I would challenge myself and will try to complete as many as possible before I create a new list “35 before 35”. It’s a personal list but I am sharing this just to let my friends and colleagues know what I am after and if they can help me in any way possible. I urge you all to prepare such a list as these childish activities bring joy to your life.
So, here is my list, Wish me luck !!

      1) Have a long solo trip    Traveling Solo - My first experience
      2)   Flaunt my 6 pack abs on a beach
      3)   Learn how to swim and swim either in a Sea or in a River.
      4)   Bike trip to Ladakh
      5)   Walk in the lanes of Paris
      6)   Write a Novel
      7)   Climb a mountain whose height is atleast 5000 m
      8)   Bungee jumping in Nepal
      9)   Sky-Diving
    10)   Get my article published in a magazine/Newspaper
    11)   Volunteer in my village for a social cause
    12)   Walk on a frozen lake/River
    13)   Take a trip to South-East Asia
    14)   Prepare a family tree
    15)   Learn a new language
    16)   Travel to all neighboring countries Sri lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan
    17)   Witness a snow fall
    18)   Travel to a destination by a Cruise
    19)   Experience living in an Igloo
    20)   Eat the fish which I had caught in fishing
    21)   Spend a night on a Virgin island
    22)   To get myself clicked while standing as one leg in one country and other leg on another country
    23)   Spend the night watching stars lying on sand dunes of Thar
    24)   Learn to drive Car
    25)   Gift my parents a full paid holiday
    26)   Sit once on a Ferrrai
    27)   Camping on a beach
    28)   Fly in a business class
    29)   Attend Republic Day parade /Air show live
    30)   Quit my corporate Job.

There are lot more things to write but will try to complete all of them in next few years. So people, you can prepare such a list for yourself. If you are 35, prepare a list about “40 things to do before 40”, who cares about your age when you are young from inside. So, live each day to fullest and enjoy this journey.


  1. Great list! A couple of those, including the igloo, are on my list too!

  2. I hope you can complete your list asap